After admitting to slowing down older iPhones with updates, Apple tries to explain the reasons and offers solution... at a sale price.

I can only think about two words about the whole new battery and update gate: rubbish and sloppy.

Rubbish as a clever work around through updates and an actual solution, neither of which were explained to customers.

Sloppy as the long Message to Our Customers that tries to explain to iPhones owners what is going on with their phones and what is the solution.

Summing up, owners of iPhone 6 and up were affected by strange sudden shutdowns even if there was battery charge available, culprit batteries degradation and unable to deliver the necessary "juice" to the powerful SoCs.

At the time Apple didn't explain why this was happening and solved the problem through "magic" updates which, since not all customers are dumb as Apple think, later on were discover to slowing down the phone if a degraded battery was present.

The obvious solution is a battery replacement that Apple never offered neither told anyone was an actual solution, which bring us to yesterday when Apple finally explained in the aforementioned "message to our customers" what is going on with the batteries and what the updates did to prevent the shutdowns, offering at 29 US dollars (instead of 79) a battery change for all the affected devices out of warranty.

As said RUBBISH and SLOPPY, all of this is too little too late, this statement had to be done way back when the updates were about to be rolled out. The reality is that Apple made use of this problem so that people were more incline to buy newer devices, I don't see any other reason to be so silent till discovered.

I wouldn't be surprised if other big smartphones manufacturers are doing the same exact thing but on iPhones this problematic was so evident and widespread that the backlash was inevitable.