The trailer confirms the numerous rumors of the previous months: World War 2 is back!

EA and DICE finally revealed the new Battlefield game to the world and they went back to WW2. The Official Reveal trailer shows us a cinematic that makes heavy use of game assets, giving the fans of the series some hints of what to expect.

As always the game will feature many different vehicles, massive battlefields and a certain degree of destruction although graphics, at first glance, really reminds of Battlefield 1 but we have to expect some upgrades to the Frostbite engine.

We don't know yet any details about the gameplay, game modes and maps, also it is unknown if the game will be somewhat faithful to history or if it will be just inspired by real facts as it was with BF 1. Considering how "characterized" are some teammates in the trailer, I guess the game will have some liberties as the previous one.

Battlefield V will be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 the 19th of October, let us know what you think about the trailer below with a comment!

UPDATE: EA representatives told Kotaku that the game will not have any form of randomized lootboxes. The game will also not have Premium Pass but Seasonal releases as in Battlefront II, although it is unknown if there will be any monetization in place

Bonus Image by Kvass