Rumors have now been confirmed, the game has a battle royale mode and no single player campaign.

Activision annual appointment with the live reveal event of the new Call of Duty just ended and many rumors have been confirmed.

First of all the traditional multiplayer is back, which is the evergreen fan favourite of every Call of Duty game. Black Ops 4 is again set in a close future were we find a mix of traditional weapons and more exotic ones, together with the return of Specialists, which are essentially classes in the vein of Rainbow Six: Siege, each one with its abilities and gadgets.

Here it is the (noisy) "Multiplayer Reveal Trailer" which is the only one that currently shows some actual gameplay footage:

Treyarch introduced the Zombies coop mode to Call of Duty 10 years ago but this time around it seems this game mode will be a bit different in Black Ops 4. Currently we know it will be set in very different locations but the most detailed and interesting one is in the trailer "voyage of Despair". In said trailer there is no gameplay footage available but a cinematic trailer, showing a team of four that tries to recover a powerful artifact before any "evil force" gets his hands on it. I don't want to spoil anything else shown in it but the setting: the first and only voyage of the Titanic.

Enjoy the mysterious story of "Voyage of Despair" trailer:

Lastly the big news is the absence of the single player campaign but the presence of the long rumored battle royale mode. Called "Blackout", it will feature a large scale map and vehicles (helicopters included), together with the usual Call of Duty gameplay. No gameplay footage was shown but a short introduction trailer presenting a draft of the new large scale map and hints on the new gameplay possibilities.

The "Blackout Introduction" battle royal mode trailer:

To be notice, the PC version is not a Steamworks title and game services will instead run on Activision owned This year it looks like Activision will bring to the table both old and new features to Call of Duty. Treyearch Black Ops series always bring something new in the franchise but it looks like Black Ops 4 is in another league. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in October the 12th.

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