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C64 Mini will be released in March 29th

It is like a miniature classic "breadcase" C64 and it will come with 64 games.

80s and early 90s are a big thing again and in fact pretty much any symbolic brand is coming back in a form or another. In the last couple of years we saw the craze for Nintendo's NES mini and recently for the SNES mini and the ATARI flashback HD, now it is the turn of the C64 mini.


The Commodore 64 is still officially the personal computer with most unit sold in existence and it is no surprise that a new console-like and miniature version is getting a release.

It is not clear if it is an hardware clone or software emulated based but is is already known that together with the 64 included games you will get the a basic interpreter, usable with any usb keyboard (the one on the unit is fake), yet we don't know if you can actually save or load your software in some sort of storage, probably USB.


The console includes a replica of the original Joystick and it outputs via HDMI, pricing is still a mistery, down below the full list of included games:

  • AlleyKat
  • Anarchy
  • The Arc Of Yesod
  • Armalyte: Competition Edition
  • Avenger
  • Battle Valley
  • Bounder
  • California Games
  • Chip’s Challenge
  • Confuzion
  • Summer Games II
  • Spindizzy
  • Slayer
  • Star Paws
  • Super Cycle
  • Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer II
  • Creatures
  • Cyberdyne Warrior
  • Cybernoid II: The Revenge
  • Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
  • Deflektor
  • Everyone’s a Wally
  • Firelord
  • Gribbly’s Day Out
  • Hawkeye
  • Street Sports Baseball
  • Speedball
  • Temple of Apshai Trilogy
  • Thing Bounces Back
  • Thing on a Spring
  • Heartland
  • Herobotix
  • Highway Encounter
  • Hunter’s Moon
  • Hysteria
  • Impossible Mission
  • Impossible Mission II
  • Insects In Space
  • Zynaps
  • Mega-Apocalypse
  • Stormlord
  • Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe
  • Trailblazer
  • Uchi Mata
  • Uridium
  • Mission A.D
  • Monty Mole
  • Monty on the Run
  • Nebulus
  • Netherworld
  • Nobby the Aardvark
  • Nodes Of Yesod
  • Paradroid
  • Pitstop II
  • Rana Rama
  • Steel
  • Snare
  • Who Dares Wins II
  • Winter Games
  • World Games
  • Robin of the Wood
  • Rubicon
  • Skate Crazy
  • Skool Daze
C64 Mini will be released in March 29th
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