Activision finally released on PC the remastered that bring us back to the 90s!

While tied to a single platform, the Sony Playstation, the original Crash trilogy is loved by pretty much everyone. "We already talked about the game" back in March when it was announced as a multiplatform title with a new trailer but, seeing this actually happening, now looks like a dream come true.

The three games remastered is developed by Vicarious Vision but the publisher, Activision, left the game in the hands of Iron Galaxy (Killer Instinct) which did a proper job porting it to PC, fixing the major problem of the original PS4 release: the 30 FPS framerate cap.

Being a twitchy platformer Crash Bandicoot was indeed suffering on PS4 due to the framerate constraints, making it even more difficult than it actually is. On the other hand on PC the game is now capped on 60 FPS, making the gameplay way more reactive and enjoyable due to lower input latency and with less "why did I fall in the river if I pressed the jump button" moments.

While the game doesn't offer many bells and whistles of many PC releases, the port works perfectly and it is well optimized, although many reports that there is a way to get over the 60 FPS cap with the game having no problem whatsoever doing it, so... Iron Galaxy where is the "uncapped framerate" option?

You can buy Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy for PC on the "dedicated Steam page" for the price of $/€ 40 or your regional equivalent, down below you can check the recently released Launch Trailer.

Were you waiting for this release? Did you played it on PS4 first but got burnt by the input latency issues? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!