Bandai Namco shows with a Trailer the differences between the original and the recently released remastered of Dark Souls.

It is not unknown that the original Dark Souls performance was poor on both consoles and PCs, the latter especially didn't take many advantages from more powerful hardware relegating enhancements to community made mods.

Years after the release of the original game, Bandai Namco just released Dark Souls: Remastered on PS4, Xone, Switch and of course PC, yet some criticism hit this release since, while texture and rendering resolution is indeed higher thanks to the switch to better assets and a newer game engine, other changes aren't so visible at first glance.

To show what their remastered actually improved, Bandai Namco just released a Trailer that shows all the major improvements in a series of small comparisons, with footage taken from the PC version.

Here it is the trailer, what do you think about this remastered? Are these enhancements worthwhile for a full replay? Let us know with a comment!