This new retro-fps is making and will make old school FPS players fall in love again.

In the latest years we are seeing a timid coming back of retro-wannabe FPS games which needless to say even if they were very good games, they weren't really retro...But then DUSK, published by New Blood Interactive, was announced and went into closed alpha.

Alpha testers loved DUSK because, as they said, it actually felt like a game from the golden age of arena fast paced FPS games: it is a fast, bloody, frantic, gibs galore, no modern fuzz, responsive and fun experience.

This promising game is now available for the general public in early access on STEAM offering two complete single player chapters (a third one will be released later on), a survival infinite mode and DUSKWORLD, the multiplayer, which clearly wants to remind you QUAKEWORLD from the golden age of QUAKE.

If you are interested in DUSK you can check it out on STEAM, I leave you with the latest trailer.