EA's freebie games giveaway program stopped with no announcements.

EA had an hard time in convincing gameers embracing their alternative online store for PC games, in fact it was pretty much forced to everyone willing to play any of their newer titles since the release, making a lot of people really upset.

In a way to attract and bring back players, EA started the On the House program during 2014, a program that consisted in periodically give away a game for free and for a limited time. While it was a nice idea that indeed made some people happy, most of "the good stuff" consisted in DLCs for their older-ish Battlefield games like Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline, while all the remain offers were mostly old games like Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Dragon Age: Origins, Theme Hospital, Pebble and so on, many of which were given away multiple times.

The silent cancellation of the On the House program can be seen as EA considering it no more necessary,  not only because today Origin has a lot of customers, but also because they will now push their new subscription service called "Origin Access,  which we talked about last week".

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