ROMs download removal announced by the website's founder, forums and emulators download will stay online.

Games emulation is a very controvert argument: on a side it promotes sofware preservation but on the other it can be considered piracy, even when people make use of it to play a game they actually own but their hardware is gone, putting emulation in a legal grey area. Legal and ethic questions aside, today's retro gaming emulation is huge, for bad and for good.

On the Internet there are countless websites dedicated to games ROMs download, many are not that great and often of questionable nature and quality but some stands out, mostly because of their database quality and source of emulation knowledge, becoming very popular: this is the case of EmuParadise.

Online from about 18 years EmuParadise quickly become a point of reference for games emulation, with countless easily accessible ROMs and emulators download this is no surprise. Needless to say and legally speaking, IPs owners have all the rights to protect the ownership of their softwares and many emulation websites succumbed to the threat of legal actions and actual lawsuits.

While currently not in danger of a full shut down, EmuParadise's founder just announced that its website will no longer offer any downloads for ROMs of any kind but it will continue to operate as a retro gaming and emulation community.

In a very passionate announcement, the founder remarks that in all their years of activity they have fought many times with legal threats and that they always complied with any take down request they received but, since the ever growing risk of legal actions, he says that "he cannot risk in good conscience the future of its team members who have contributed to the site through the years".

With many similar websites getting strong legal attention in the last months (LoveRoms is a good example), EmuParadise's team and its founder decided that it is now too risky to pursue this way and so they removed ROMs download beforehand, at least this is what the announcement seems to imply.

Personally speaking, while I do not support piracy, I feel like big publishers should do more in preserving and make available to the public, on modern harwdware, all their currently not commercially available games and softwares. While we have seen some games getting re-releases by big names like Nintendo, Sega, Atari, and many more (WB and Activision I am still waiting for No One Lives Forever re-release), they often concentrate on the usual bunch of popular titles, ignoring all the little treasures that they keep jealously hidden from the general public, a public that is then forced to fold in emulation and ROMs download.

"You can read the full announcement on EmuParadise's website"

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