Turn 10 Studios upcoming racing game preloads way ahead of release on PC.

Sometimes mistakes happens and this is no different: Microsoft published and Turn 10 Studios developed, Forza Horizon 4 started to be fully preloaded on many PCs through the Windows Store during the weekend and, as quickly repoted on the official Forza Twitter account, it was all a big mistake.

While the game isn't playable and files are unaccessible because, being a uwp application, everything is encrypted, nobody blocked users to look around the game files. As a result a chap over reddit, "daten-shi", published a "comprehensive list" of vehicles game files that pretty much reveals all current vehicles of the game that, we remind you, will be released in October 2nd of this year.

In the end no harm was really done but someone at Microsoft or Turn 10 Studios probably will have to respond for it. Do you like the new UK setting? Will you buy Forza Horizon 4? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!