EA is giving away for a limited time the first DLC of the WWI (kind of) FPS.

Battlefield games have a long history of big DLCs releasing after the launch of every new iteration of the series and, as already happened in the past, EA is giving away They Shall Not Pass DLC, the first DLC of Battlefield 1.


This DLC consist in various additions to the game, which can be sum up in 6 new maps, 6 new weapons, 6 new gadgets, 3 new vehicle, a new gamemode called Frontlines, a new team as the French Army and other various goodies between dog tags, ranks, ecc..

The French army was a really important addition since it was really important during World War I, while the new Frontlines gamemode is a totally new addition to the series and consist, as stated into the game, in:


Capture the Flags Then Attack the Telegraphs
A symmetrical, head-on conflict where the contested frontline can move in both directions. Conquering a Flag Objective allows a team to advance closer to the enemy base. Once a team loses the Flag Objective closest to their base, they will have to defend 2 Telegraph Posts inside their base.

In a nutshell a very heavy content filled DLC, obtainable for free for 14 days from today for PC, XONE and PS4. Grab it before it is too late!

Bonus video from the great MrWeebl