Four years later a successful KickStarter and seven after the release of the first commercial title, La-Mulana's follow up is among us.

It's been a while that retro themed games become really popular, although they try to imitate the look and feel of gems of the past, very rarely we get a true retro game that actually feels original. La-Mulana born in 2005 as a little PC freeware game but it was so good and successful, that become an actual commercial PC and Console game, getting also a remake.

Although the "cave explorer metroidvania game" had a lot of success, it took a successful KickStarter funding campaign and four years of develpment to get a follow up. In La-Mulana 2 the player will play as Lumisa Kosugi, daughter of the previous protagonist, which mission is to stop a monster invasion from the underground temple of Eg-Lana and find out the cause of it.

As the first one, La-Mulana 2 is a metroidvania platformer in which the player has to solve puzzles, combat monsters and find its way to go through the immense cave system which, differently from other metroidvania games, can be fully explored from the beginning and the player has to find the clues to solve all the puzzles, which can be also done in any order.

The developer says that about 20 to 30 hours are needed to complete the game, a lot considering modern games standards, it will be available for purchase and playable today on "Steam" and "GoG" and pricing will be $25/€21 or your regional equivalent. Down below you can watch La-Mulana 2's Launch Trailer and its very polished but retro 2D graphics.

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