The previously shutted down strategic card game is now re-released for free and partially community driven.

The finnish developer Mojang is known for the immensely successful Minecraft but their next project, Scrolls, didn't do as well as they hoped for, probably because of the really fierce competition, Heartstone in particular.

The idea behind Scrolls was very intersting: the game was supposed to be a collectible card card game mixed with traditional board games, a mix between genres that, as envisioned by Mojang's Mark Persson and Jakob Porsér, should make a strategic game with a strong foundation in tactical gameplay.

As said the game didn't do that well and, although it had a small but pretty much alive community, brought Mojang to shut down the game in the last February due to server infrastructure costs.

What Mojang didn't say to us is that they were planning a re-release for their card game, which happened by surprise yesterday, under the new name of Caller's Bane. The reason for the new name is to avoid any new legal action against Mojang by Bethesda, owner of "The Elder Scrolls" franchise, as happened at the original game release.

Caller's Bane is now "available for Free on the official website" and it is running on a community server hosted by "", making the game also partially community driven.

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