The annual MotoGP game made by the italian Milestone is coming really soon.

While many do not appreciate their titles, Milestone for good or for bad is always the first dev house that gets the rights to make official motorsport games: this year MotoGP 2018 is no exception.

Most of the criticism for Milestone racing games/sims are regarding their engine: while it is pretty capable, it started to feel outdated years ago but, this time around, they decided to build their new major game on Unreal Engine 4.


Milestone not only promises modern graphics but also a completely revised physics engine that can be adapted to be arcade-y or sim like, offering tyre degradation, localized damage that influence both aesthetics and rideability, plus a progression system that will let you setup and upgrade your bike to your likings.


As always Milestone will also use 3d scans of tracks and as close to real life assets, as well different MotoGP categories from rookies to master class.

The game will be out on PC, PS4, XONE and Switch in June the 7th. Are you ready to ride your beastie? Check the trailer down below!