Netflix just announced HDR support for PC but software and hardware requirements will leave out a lot of subscribers.

HDR is the next big thing in video entertainment since, if well implemented and with the right equipment, can make a big difference in visual quality thanks to the higher color range offered. While 4K is still not here due to the high price of displays and lack of video content, HDR can be implemented at every resolution and it can be even more impactful for the viewer than 4K.
Simulated HDR image comparison
So it's no mystery that HDR support for PCs in Netflix is a big thing and now it is available... But at what cost?

Other than a HDR compatible display, currently HDR in Netflix is only available throught the Windows 10 native app or Microsoft Edge browser: this will leave out Windows 7/8.1 and Linux distros affectionados.

Sadly this is not yet the end: hardware requirements are also very restrictive because, not only you are required to have a GPU capable of 10bit output per RGB channel (which is obvious) but, you are currently limited to Intel GPUs integrated from Skylake CPUs and up or NVIDIA GPUs from GTX 1050 and up... Yes 10bit capable AMD cards are not supported at the moment and probably a lot of time will pass till most of the capable hardware will be supported.

Netflix is a media giant and it's in the way of surpassing subscriber numbers of classic pay-TV providers, why then is it taking so long to support all capable hardware? Why so many software restrictions? I hope that HDR support will be there for all as soon as possible.

Source: The Netflix Tech Blog