Adrenalin brings some decent new features to AMD GPUs but breaks compatibility with some older DX9 games.

December 2017 17.12.1 version, amongst the usual nice bits of minor general performance improvements that comes with every new major driver release, brings nice quality of life additions like integrated OSD with FPS, GPU usage, RAM usage and the possibility to show said stats real time on a smartophone like a secondary display.

All sounds nice and dandy but Adrenalin driver also makes an unspecified amount of earlier DX9 games to crash at launch and AMD official reply to one of the help post in AMD official support forum was very... Cold.
I'm sorry AMD but you can not blame on the use of an old API module when these games are working perfectly with the previous driver release and more importantly still works on competition hardware, in fact being APIs are a standard and shows that you just dropped support of an API still in use or you didn't test your drivers at all, abandoning retrocompatibility a stronghold of PC gaming.

Currently amongst the non-working games there are:

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
Command & Conquer 3 series;
Command & Conquer: Red Alert series;
Battle for Middle Earth 1 & 2;
League of Legends;
StarCraft 2;
Guild Wars 2.

Not all the games in this list are completely broken: CS:GO, SC2 and GW2 are reported to be playable by some people, as well as The Witcher using the steam release instead of the GoG one, but it is evident that it is all GPU driver related since rolling back to the previous version solves the problem.

After a rushed and disastrous VEGA launch and then this broken driver release, AMD is seriously making old time customers thinking about moving to team green. I hope they finally sort out their problems before they will be so behind NVIDIA to be unrecoverable.