After a long private test phase and a relatively short open one, Valve is updating all Steam clients making the Steam Chat officially available to everyone.

We all know how ancient the Steam client looks and feels, yet we also knew that Valve is working hard in updating its own goldmine client. The first step of this major renewal is the new chat system which we already talked about when "it was released in open beta".

In about a month and a half from the open beta release, Valve decided the time has come and it is delivering the new client to everyone. Currently the Steam client itself is pretty much identical to the old one, a part of the introduction of hardware accelerated pages, yet the Steam Chat looks and feels like a whole different and separated piece of software, showing Valve intention to update the Steam client piece by piece, avoiding rushing out a bugged and unsecure software. Slow, but maybe for the best.

During the open beta Valve also made a lot of changes to the new chat but, for the most part, these consist in bugfixes and visual improvements aimed at usability. You can check the list of changes on "Valve's Steam chat release announcement". While the old chat will continue to exist, at least for now, it will only show classic text and it is completely incompatible with the new features.

Do you like the new Steam chat? Do the similarities with Discord annoy you? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!