Sean Murray briefly details what we should expect from the "NEXT" update.

Back in march games developer Hello Games announced that the biggest update ever, called NEXT, was coming in summer 2018 to No Man's Sky, together with the confirmation of the Xbox One game release, also saying that they will keep supporting their game in the future. For reference, march full announcement LINK.

Today Sean Murray (Hello Games founder and developer) gave us more details about said update and a release date with an article on Xbox Wire website. As said by Murray, they worked on NEXT update for a long time and tested it for six months and it consist in the addition of the long awaited multiplayer to No Man's Sky, giving players the possibility to casually bump to each other, exploring together the universe, exchange resources, fighting other players for resources, building colonies and even create and share online exotracks race tracks.

As in the announcement, the NEXT update will be released together with the Xbox One version in July 24th that features a new box art (visible in the article cover). At the moment there are no info on when or if PC and PS4 will get the update. You can read the full announcement on this LINK.

No Man's Sky multiplayer was supposed to be available on launch, will you blow the dust of the game just to play it in its full form? Let us know in the comments or socials!