A cheaper and lower power GT1030 with no name difference and this is bad.

Rebrands, rebadges, obnoxious naming schemes: video card manufacturers seems have fun in creating as much confusion as possible and this is the case with a "new" variant of the GT1030.

With no announcements NVIDIA released a GT1030 with no name changes but with DDR4 VRAM instead of GDDR5, crippling the memory bandwith to 2100 Gbps from 6000 Gbps. In doing so the DDR4 variant has also a stock and turbo clock lowered by about 50 to 100 Mhz compared to GDDR5 ones, depending on the manufacturer.

As expected this card is slower, cheaper and lower power (20W vs 30W) compared to the regular version but the problem is that there is no name change at all, in fact consumers need to actually check the detailed specification of a card to know what version they are buying. To be noticed NVIDIA didn't even change the product specifications of the GT1030.

Can you actually tell if this card is the DDR4 variant? No? Well it is!

Dear NVIDIA, this new video card can be called GT1020 or at best GT1030SE, so stop creating confusion in your customers, you don't have to, you are already leading the market with your cards, why do you even bother doing this kind of pratices?