NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang, took everyone by surprise revealing the new GTX TITAN V, based on the new Volta architecture.

The announcement was made during the NIPS conference in Long Beach (California-USA), an event dedicated to researchers and new technologies in the DEEP LEARNING field.

Jensed presented the new GPU as THE BEST CARD FOR RESEARCHERS using HPC and studying AI currently available in the market: we are sure he is not lying about that.

The TITAN V specs wise IS A MONSTER boasting 12GB HBM2 VRAM, 5120 Cuda cores in a 12nm package and a giant 3072 bit memory bus, offering 15 TFLOPs in FP32 computing. As its Tesla Volta bigger brother, it has dedicated FP64 calculation and TENSOR cores that surely will make happy all the target customers of this beastie (those are useless features for gamers). It also looks as A VERY POWER EFFICIENT CARD, with a 8+6 supplementary power connection a max TDP of 250W as the previous TITAN XP, given the theorical major performance improvements, not bad at all.

To be notice the new card DO NOT SUPPORT SLI, NEITHER NVLINK (a supplementary BUS to interconnect at faster speed multiple GPUs in intensive GPGPU scenarios) even if it actually has the connectors for the last one.

So why is it a GTX named card as the gaming ones? The answer is WHO KNOWS?! Titan cards have been looked at as THE GAMING CARDS FOR PEOPLE WITH VERY LARGE POCKETS that can not wait for the actual consumer cards but, with TITAN V, the GPU is just a cutdown Tesla unit and it seems to retain almost all the features of it.

As said this new GPU is already available for purchase DIRECTLY FROM NVIDIA but you need to spend more for it than any other premium card: $2999! Gamers please do not bother with this card and wait for GTX 11xx, those will be a much better purchase.

Frankly, I cannot wait to see the actual consumer Volta graphics cards and now I'm jumping on the hype train... I hope that I will not be disappointed.