Electronic Arts games subscription service now has a "premium" offer.

It is no mystery that more and more content is moving towards an On Demand basis, we can clearly see this with video subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, but now this trend is slowly becoming a reality for games too.

EA is the first major publisher offering a catalogue of games behind a periodic subscription, called Origin Access, but till now the catalogue was missing all the brand new "hot" games of the company, which remain available as pay to play.

Gamers willing to pay an higher subscription to EA will be able to access all the new stuff, paying an higher fee, starting from next week: EA is now calling Origin Access Basic the current offer, priced for $30/€25 a year or $5/4€ a month, which will remain unchanged and mantains the 10 hours trials of new games with a 10% discound in case of purchase, instead the new premium subscription will be called Origin Access Premier, priced for $/€100 a year or $/€15 a month, and it will include all the new games and all the catalogue from the Basic plan.

Currently known incoming addition for PC Premier members will be Madden 19 in August, FIFA 19 in September, Battlefield V in October and Anthem in February 2019. While the pricing is a bit on the high side, if you are really into EA and sports games then the Premier subscription is not a bad offer, especially considering that sports games are pretty much a "1 year affair".

Do you like the current Origin Access catalogue? Will you upgrade to the Premier plan? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!