Made by the original Descent developers, it promises to be even betten than the original games.

Nostalgia brought many to try reviving old games concepts and Revival Productions new game, Overload, is no different bringing back Descent's classic 6 dimensions FPS action in intricated levels made of futuristic rooms and tunnels

In the campaign the player will explore with its ship 15+ level in zero gravity with different secret areas to find, destroying 20+ types of enemy drones and 3 different bosses, all of which while avoiding all genre of traps and finding its way over locked areas.

The game offers a ship upgrade system and other 12+ challenge levels and Revival Productions promises to release a level editor as son as it is ready, which it will be a nice addition since the game offers world leaderboards trought Steam and both local and online multiplayer modes. It also has native compatibility with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, neat!

Overload is currently available on Steam for €24,99 or your regional equivalent and it will get soon a DRM free release on Judging by current Steam reviews Overload will make many Descent fans really happy and it will also please newcomers. Down below the latest game trailer.