PUBG newest 10GB update brings many changes to the popular PC battle royal game.

While Fortnite keeps reinvent itself with the meteor finally crashing on the island and players having fun with anti-grav "space rocks", PUBG devs keep working on the balance of the game, optimizations and additions here and there.


The last PUBG update, specifically the 12th one, is considered a major and game changing one, in fact the main changes are regarding the weapon balance. In a previous Blog Post in the end of April, PUBG corp said that they found out that players use only some specific AR in most of the match situations and so their plan is to balance as much as possible all weapons, in doing so players will choose their weapons based of personal preference and its effectiveness in any given situation, rather than simply which gun is strongest.

With the new update the weapons changes focused on:

  • ARs re-balance so none is objectively the best but each has pros and cons in different situations;
  • SMGs adjustments like decreased vertical recoil to make them more effective in close quarter combat as they should;
  • Shotguns increased overall damage and effective range.

This doesn't sounds like much but it is a really short sum up of the weapons specific changes which covers everything from damage modifiers based on body parts hit, changes on all weapon vertical and horizontal recoil, changes on weapons reload speed and so on. Down below a sum up table of the new damage stats of each weapon of the game.


Other changes are also significant like the introduction of different player speed and sprint based of the mobility offered by the equipped weapon (shotguns, SRs and LMGs slow down the player while both running and sprinting), the removal of the first shot animation delay when the player character was in a resting position (many considered this a bug but it was not). Items and attachment spawns are also changed, most notably LV. 3 Helmets are now only found into all care packages making them even more precious and "dangerous".

Lastly but not least, the game finally adds the highly anticipated map selections screen, the possibility to change reticles style on the fly on red-dot, holo-sight and 2x scopes and the addition of the Mirado, a new very fast muscle car that can be found in the map Miramar, together with various bugfixes including some changes in vehicle collisions.


In the end this is a very welcomed (10 freaking GB) update that brings some hope on the future of the game. If you want to read the full and very long changelog, I suggest you to reach the official PUBG blog post. See you in the zone!