The smallest working retro emulation handheld I've ever seen.

Unless you have some sight deficiency this little handheld is a really neat device: PocketSprite measures 5,59 x 3,04 x 2,28 centimeters, including a dPad A/B, Select/Start Buttons and its screen is a color 96x64 pixels 0,5 inch oled display... Really tiny but a bit lowres even for emulation.

At the heart of this portable we find an ESP32 SoC, usually used in IoT devices, which contains a dual-core 240Mhz CPU and 128MB ROM, not a lot but more than enough to properly run custom emulator ports of GnuBoy (classic GameBoy and Color) and SMS Plus (Sega Master System), storing also a lot of game ROMs for said emulators.


As said by developers the project is OpenSource and all the code can be found in GitHub, you can even build one yourself since all main electronic parts are off the shelf and cheaply available.

Crowdfunding campaign will end in March 22th with shipping in April and the most common offers are $45 for a diy kit and $55 for a fully assembled device plus shipping, unless you want to spend $199 on an alluminium case and quartz screen protector version.


At the time of writing the crowdfunding campaing already reached the $20.000 goal, you can find more a the dedicated page.