This new patch improves the game netcode considerably and increase performance.

PlayerUnknown's Battleground is known for its technical problems but all considered PUBG Corp. constantly tries to improve the game, in a way or another, and today's update is no different.

Today's Update #14 is all focused on performance and some balances, down below you can read our short recap with all the major changes.


  • Frag Granade effective range buff, lethal blast increased from 2,6m to 3,5m;
  • Stun granade buff, range increased and major effects increased when into the 100° FOV range;
  • Molotov buff; increased blast area and damage and fire propagation effects added based of materials;
  • Scar-L buff, reduced vertical and horizontal recoil;
  • Tactical stock and cheek pad now improve ADS speed but recoil recovery is less effective;
  • Vector spawn increased and UMP9 spawn rate decreased in the same amount;
  • Increased DMRs spawn rate;
  • M24 nerfed, it is now a spawnable weapon and basic damage is reduced from 88 to 79.


  • Improved character model rendering to prevent some small frame drop issues;
  • Skydiving character movement and animation optimization for performance improvements;
  • Netcode server updates optimizations, mostly resolving physics problems affecting vehicles;
  • General netcode improvements, including maximum tickrate raised to 60Hz.


  • Care package airplane noise volume lovered;
  • Introduction of HRTF sound feature simulating fully 3d sound with stereo headphones, it can be enable in the option menu.

Other changes:

  • Various abnormal collision spots fixed in all maps;
  • Fixed Miramar spots letting players going trought some objects;
  • Fixed Erangel particular spots where the player could get stuck vaulting;
  • Various menus and visual glitches fix.

As you can read there are many changes, most notably performance improvements, 3D sound simulation over stereo, Molotovs and Stun Granades buffs and (finally) different netcode improvements including the tickrate increased to 60Hz, the latter a very welcome change that will improve considerably the overall network latency.

The patch is around 8,8GB, and in the full changelog you can also read about the new anti-cheat system, currently only available on test servers. It is time for some smoother Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!