PUBG Corp introduced to the game new long awaited gameplay mechanics and features.

UPDATE 08/08/2018: the patch is now live on Stable Servers

PUBG's players always scream "we want more", "we want more optimizations", "we want bugfixes" and, while PUBG is still ridden by a good amount of problems, the game is getting a constant flux of updates that are slowly changing how the game works, both gameplay and technically wise.

In the new PUBG's update #19, currently available on Test Servers, the game gets a good amount of bugfixes as well as a decent list of changes that can improve players quality of life, like the possibility to mute teammates one by one or create map markers simply by aiming and pressing alt+right-click. Aside of the usual fixes and changes the big news are the introduction of dynamic weather, characters bullet penetration plus some general maps changes that can generally improve the game's gameplay.

Bullets penetration only works on players characters, if a player hits an arm/hand but the bullet trajectory also hits another body part, the server will assign the greater damage between the two, an example: if a player hits an enemy's arm but behind it there is his chest, then chest damage will be applied, if nothing is behind the arm then arm damage will be applied. This system is very simplistic but it is still a great improvement.

The other big news is the reintroduction of different weathers but this time around they are applied dynamically. In a nutshell dynamic weather, currently only for Erangel and Miramar, will apply random weather conditions during a match and this will change the course of it drastically, making players changing strategies based off the situation. here it is some simple examples of how weather can affect the gameplay: with the fog is easier to lose contact with a far away moving enemy player or to spot an incoming one, with the rain is easier to move faster because your steps are for the most part covered by the heavy noise. I hope PUBG's players will embrace this weather system, it really adds a lot of depth to the gameplay.

UPDATE 08/08/2018: the patch is now live on Stable Servers

As usual if a patch hits Test Servers it means it is pretty close to be released on Live ones, we will update this article when the update will be delivered to everyone. If you want to know the full list of changes you can check the "official update announcement", down below you can watch the official introduction to the new dynamic weather.

Do you like the way bullet penetration works in PUBG? Do you think players will like random weather changes? Let us know with a coment down below or on socials!