Bethesda and ID are giving away Quake Champions Early Access for FREE for a limited time, in the meanwhile they released a new trailer during E3.

It is not a mystery that Arena FPS games are coming back and Quake Champions is the major example of this. The game is pretty much what people were expecting from a Quake 3 follow up, althought with the addition the modern concept of Heroes and their specific abilities.

While the game is planned to be fully released as a Free 2 Play title, in the current Early Access state it is Pay 2 Play. If you are intersted to play this shooter but stopped in front of the pay wall, fear no more! During the E3 Bethesda event it was announced that the game will be free on Steam till 18th of June and all the players that obtained it for free will be able to play it even after this date.

During the E3 event it was also released a new Quake Champions trailer that you can watch down below. What are you waiting for? Go grab the game before the offer expires!