**After the recent Wallmart leak the unexpected Rage sequel gets officially announced.

Some game sequels are unexpected and Rage 2 is one of those: the original FPS game was praised for the gameplay and the tech but in the end it felt lackuster, probably because of the really long "development hell" it went trough and a release that made people wonder if the game was actually complete.

As history tells us the old ID Software is no more but Bethesda, the current brand owner, already demonstrated that knows how to manage ID's classic IPs with the two new Wolfenstein games and the DOOM reboot, all of which had the perfect development team assigned. This time around the game was put in the hands of Avalanche Studios, known for open world games like Just Cause and Mad Max, which is perfex since Rage 2 is gonna be an openworld.

In the released gameplay trailer the game looks a lot like a perfect mix of different successful games like Just Cause, Mad Max, DOOM (2016), BulletStorm and of course a bit of the original Rage. Insanity and spectacle seems to be the key words for the new post apocalyptic game and the trailer down below shows a lot of it!

In case you are interested, here it is also the noisy and savage official announcement teaser trailer.

Are you hyped for the new Rage game? I am personally, let us know with a comment!