A Rockstar developer accidentaly confirms that RDR 2 on PC is real.

One of the biggest games of the previous generation, Red Dead Redemption, was criminally missing from the PC platform. When the new chapter was announced Rockstar neither confirmed or denied the existence of a PC version which, together with the big sales figures of GTA V on PC, made many think that RDR 2 is also coming for PC.

While all of the above is just an assumption, what is certain is the big slippery that a confirmed Rockstar developer did on its LinkedIN profile:

As you can see this chap listed on its profile the games he worked on, Red Dead Redemption 2 included, and the current in development new Rockstar's hit is not only indicated as a Xone and PS4 release but also as a PC one.

As usual Rockstar mouths are tied on the matter but, while the dev potentially could have accidentally listed RDR 2 as a PC game, we do not have to forget that GTA V released on PC almost by surprise and way after the previous gen console releases, consequentially a Red Dead Redemption 2 PC release is still a strong possibility.

If RDR 2 will officially confirmed for PC, will you buy the PC version or the console one? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!

"Source VG24/7"