THQ Nordic Re-Mars-tered brings back our favourite building demolition simulator.

Red Faction games are famous for the destructible enviroments in a world of games that offer little to no enviroment destructibility at all.

Developed by Volition Inc. (Saints Row and Agents of Mayem devs) and published by pre-bankruptcy THQ, 2009 Red Faction: Guerrilla offered an incredibly detailed building destruction system together with a more than decent open world game, all set in a future Mars colony under the control and exploitation of Earth.

In July 3rd of this year, THQ Nordic will release Guerrilla in the new Re-Mars-tered edition [I know right?], for PC, XONE and PS4, offering improved overall graphics with better shadows, lighting, shaders, postprocessing and other general graphical refinements.

The game will be also FREE for current owners of Red Faction: Guerrilla - Steam Edition, which is a nice surprise since the current trend with AAA remastered games is to sell them for full price or almost.

With the release date announcement THQ Nordic published a new trailer, which interestingly features the classic song Space A**hole by Chris Remo. You can watch Red Faction Re-Mars-tered Edition Trailer down below.

This is the year of remastered editions and classics follow ups and spiritual successors, in fact we recently talked about Dark Souls: Remastered and Ultima: Undeworld and Descent spiritual successors. What do you think about this trend? Let us know with a comment below or socials!