Jagex first successful MMORPG will be playable till the 8th of August.

The wild market of MMORPGs already saw hundreds of games opening and closing their doors, some lasted for some years and others disappeared in less than a year from release: this is not the case of RuneScape which is with us from January 2001.

Runescape was successful not only because it was a really good MMORPG but also because Jagex always listened to their audience and what they wanted, in fact this game have been in constant evolution since its first 2001 incarnation and went trough different game engines, yet the developers have always kept online the last iteration of the game on its classic engine.

While Jagex and its current RuneScape version are still going strong, the game developer decided to close the loved RuneScape Classic. This decision isn't dictated stricty by economical means but by players experience and security concerns: in the announcement of the closure of Classic, Jagex explained that their modern tools are no longer compatible with the old first RuneScape version and so this made maintaining the game really difficult. Since the game engine is so old it is easily exploitable and this is leading to various exploits, undetectable macros, bots presence and many security issues for players, all of which are really difficult to contrast on this old game engine. In the end they prefer to close RuneScape Classic before the game totally breaks and crumbles without any warning since it is getting more and more buggier every day.

RuneScape Classic went through two decades and I think it is finally time to say farewell, leave it behind and switch over other games... Maybe one the two really good sequels.

If you want to read the full closure announcement you can find it HERE. Did you played the classic RuneScape version? Will you miss it? Let us know with a comment.