Some months ago AMD released ONLY for the asian market the Radeon RX560D, a cutdown version of the RX560, a GPU that is pretty much a REBRANDED/REFRESHED RX460 with some little refinements, but something fishy is now going on...Or maybe not!

The RX560D has 896 stream processor (14 compute units) compared to the RX560 which sports 1024 SP (16 CU) and so THE D MODEL OFFERS INFERIOR PERFORMANCE between the two, which is ok since the slower of the bunch was offered in a limited market, lower price and a difference in the name.

The fun part of all this introduction to the RX560 world is that AMD yesterday QUIETLY CHANGEED THE OFFERED SPECS OF THE RX560 (not D) blasting into their website a worriesome 896/1024 SP spec.

In a nutshell AMD gave to the manufacturers the OK TO OFFER SLOWER RX560s AT A LOWER PRICE with the aforementioned specs, all of this without giving any real public announcement but the change on the product official page.

As expected the whole web rised up definying it a very dishonest move by AMD since IT IS A POSSIBILITY THAT PEOPLE CAN FALL IN A VERY INCONVENIENT PURCHASE. The reality is that AMD only mistake was to do not announce this change and to do not enforce his partners to make clear difference between the two variants.

In fact TODAY AMD RELEASED A STATEMENT saying that they promise that they will work with their partners to make sure that the product descriptions and names clarify the actual compute unit count.

No real drama on sight afterall...