The game runs too fast but it is the first fully playable emulated Nintendo Switch game.

It is no surprise that the Nintendo Switch is really popular and the attention from modders and players alike confirms it. The Switch hearth, the NVIDIA Tegra X1 SoC, is both its strongest and its weak spot: in a small package the console offers a bit more performance than the last generation home consoles yet the hardware is based off let modders find an exploit and unlock the hardware to homebrews and custom firmwares.

At the same time, together with the already known architecture of the Tegra X1, this exploit let developers know a good chunk of the inner workings of the Switch's software, leading to the first emulators.

This doesn't mean we can already play Switch games on our PCs but things are moving fast. The most promising emulator is the open source RyujiNX which, till recently, was just able to boot little chunks of different games and mostly stopped at intros or game menus: this changed yesterday when Sonic Mania has become fully playable.

The game runs well, even too well since it is running at 100+ FPS leading to the whole game speed to be extremely higher due to the game engine being tied to a 60 FPS framerate, however anything from sound, to controls and touchscreen works as it should.

We are still in early days of Switch emulation but things looks promising. Down below you can see Sonic Mania running on the emulator, you can find more details about RyujiNX on the official website. Let us know what do you think with a comment!