This teaser hints at new features and setting of the game while confirming that Sam is coming back.

It is still unknown when it will be released but Serious Sam 4, now also called "Planet Badass", is getting closer. Croteam and Devolver Digital just released a teaser trailer that shows our Sam riding a classic american cruiser motor bike in the countryside of the USA, which indicates what is the new setting of the game.

Showing Sam shooting from a vehicle also hints in a return of those, which are absent from 2005 Serious Sam 2. In the end this teaser trailer, made with game assets, doesn't show any gameplay but confirms that Sam is coming back and that the coop will be probably be present as every other Serious Sam game, since the stylized game title showing other character side to side with Sam.

It's a relief seeing Sam coming back, we need as much "seriousness" as we can in this world. In the meanwhile, the relative store page on Steam is now available and you can watch the trailer down below... We will have new info about the game during E3 2018.