Ready to combat in a post-disaster Dubai? If so then this third person shooter is waiting for you!

After The Darkness II, 2K Games is now offering this very appreciated third person shooter, a game that was criminally underrated in 2012 when released.


Spec Ops: The Line will put you in the role of Captain Martin Walker, sent with his Delta Force squad in a recon mission in Dubai, after the city was hit in the previous months by a disastrous sandstorm, that stranded the population with no resources or way out and abandoned by the elite of the city that evacuated prior to the catastrophe.


The player will fight along with his team in a city now declared No-Mans-Land, fighting also with his own ethics and mental issues caused by the horrors of the in development war.


As said, Spec Ops: The Line is now available for free as a Steam Key from Humble Store, till 7 pm of 31th March. Play this game and give it the appreciation it deserves.