The ambitious free remake of the first Stalker gets major patch that improves gameplay mechanics and addresses moddability and upgradability issues of the engine.

In case you don't remember it Stalker: Lost Alpha developers goal is to create THE BEST STALKER GAME IN EXISTENCE, trying to recreate what the original Stalker game wanted to be before the ambitious project got heavily cut and using as starting point the original source code and assets.
Amongst the differences with the original Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl there is the reintroduction of drivable vehicles, advanced fauna A.I. and new and bigger zones to explore, other than THOUSANDS OF GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS IN GAMEPLAY MECHANICS AND ENGINE.

In the years this project got few but very important updates that showed how THIS PEOPLE REALLY CARE ABOUT THE STALKER CONCEPT, making a lot of fans of the series very happy, even after being victims of an early version leak that almost made them quit the project.
The changelog of the new 1.4005 release is fairly big so if you want to lost yourself in it click this LINK, otherwise you can find direct downloads or torrent (suggested) of the full installer HERE at official dezowave website.

Have fun scavenging into the zone!