Ubisoft's VR coop game can be now played in the TNG universe... behind a paywall.

Love it or hate it Star Trek is a significant piece of pop culture since the 60s and it is still a relevant IP today. Last year Ubisoft released what some considered the definitive Star Trek game, a VR game called Star Trek: Bridge Crew, that let you command a ship from the Star Trek universe directly from the bridge, together with other people.

Bridge Crew is not prefect but it is a very enjoyable game, even playing it out of VR (possibility added with a recent patch), yet it missed a beloved era of the Star Trek universe: The Next Generation.

Fear no more dear trekkies! Ubisoft just added the TNG to Bridge Crew... Behind a paywall. Yes, TNG is a DLC and maybe the content is a bit scarce to justify the price tag of $/€ 15. A part from the addition of the Enterprise D, the DLC adds the more involved role of "Operations", a new procedural mode called Patrol, consisting in random encounters, and the interesting Resistance mode, in which the crew has to fight a Borg Cube after completing a series of objectives.

The Next Generation DLC was already available on PS4 and it is now also available "on Steam for $/€15" or your regional equivalent. Down below you can check the DLC launch trailer. LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

Are you a fan of the Star Trek universe? Do you prefer the classic era or TNG? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!