The 19 years old loved racer is finally patched for modern PCs and available for purchase.

Many considers Star Wars: Episode I an average movie and a bad Star Wars one but its release spurred a series of very interesting games on every platform: among those there was SW: Episode I Racer.


SW: Episode I Racer is a fast paced racing game were the player will drive the famous "PodRacers" (very fast anti-grav hovering cars), as seen in Star Wars: Episode I movie were the little Anakin Skywalker (also playable in the game) will takes part in the very risky and dangerous "Boonta Eve Classic" on Tatooine.


The game feature all the 21 vehicles and characters seen during the race showed in the movie, plus many other tracks in various known Star Wars scenarios. In the Tournament game-mode the player can also upgrade his choosen vehicle making easier the progression of the tournament


Thanks to the folks at we can now play again this classic racing game on our modern PCs. Star Wars: Episode I Racer is currently available on for a limited sale at €6.89, after which it will cost €8.09.