Cupertino's company justify it with "business conflicts with app guidelines".

Oh dear Apple, why are you so complicated? All the sudden an app that was regularly reviewed and approved went over a new revision team and now it is not anymore eligible to be in the store?

Valve Steam in-home streaming is one of the most innovative features of the Steam client yet it wasn't available on mobile platforms for a long time, forcing players to use alternative softwares that usually are not as good as Valve solution.

With the release of the Steam Link on both Android and iOS this waiting came to a end and, considering it is still a BETA release, the game streaming capabilities are excellent (if your LAN is up to the task).

The Steam Link app was approved on iOS in May 7 but in May 10 Apple re-reviewed it and revoked the approval, giving to Valve as reason "business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realized by the original review team".

Valve almost immediately appealed to the decision, explaining that "the Steam Link app simply functions as a LAN-based remote desktop similar to numerous remote desktop applications already available on the App Store".

Needless to say Apple rejected the appeal in short time, making Steam Link unavailable to iOS users. I find really disappointing Apple's decision, especially because the App Store has indeed a great choice of remote desktop apps, including some compatibles with NVIDIA GameStream (NVIDIA equivalent of Steam in-home streaming).

Apple considers the Steam Link app as a third party store and indeed you can use the Steam storefront during streaming, so it theoretically violates Apple in-app purchases guidelines. All considered I find this decision really questionable since Apple should then remove any other remote desktop app, gaming or not gaming one. Maybe Apple considers Valve's Steam as a threat to App Store sales, yet I find this unlikely since games streaming appeals to a niche and it is limited to your own place and in presence of a very good LAN.

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