Rebellion's new coop third person shooter looks familiar to their previous coop games but it is also different.

Sniper Elite series is the current main game of game developer Rebellion and, while they do not always deliver a realistic sniping experience, they indeed offer some good action stealth fun.

Strangely enough Rebellion also spawned three spin offs called Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army which, as the title suggests, brings Sniper Elite gameplay to a coop game infested with Nazi-Zombies. While this spin off trilogy offered decent coop and was indeed successful, players felt like all three games were a bit like simplistic shooting galleries.

Strange Brigade can be considered as a spiritual successor to Nazi Zombie Army and Rebellion aims to address with it what was indeed lackuster in their previous coop games. Strange Brigade is set in Egypt, specifically in the 30s before WW2, were players will impersonate a group of four, trained to use but also fight supernatural forces.

Fighting Queen Sateki and her zombie army, players will go through a real campaign which should offer not only a shooting gallery but also proper coop puzzle solving and traps scattered all around the levels.

The game premises are actually really good, especially if it delivers in offering a "real campaign". During the currently ongoing E3, Rebellion released a nice gameplay trailer which also showed some little puzzle solving although, most of it, was about shooting zombies which sadly made it looking too similar to Nazi Zombie Army games, hopefully it will be different enough.

Strange brigade will be available in 28th August and it is also already available for preorders on PC Steam, XONE and PS4. Down below you can watch the coop trailer. Are you ready for the strange adventure? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!

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