Rebellion devs shows more in-depth puzzles and actual gameplay from their new upcoming coop TPS.

We already talked about Strange Brigade almost two weeks ago with the announcement of the release date and the release of a gameplay trailer. To do a fast recap, Strange Brigade is an upcoming coop third person shooter set in the 30s were players will fight supernatural forces, avoid traps and solve coop puzzles.

While the game looked very intersting, most people expected from the gameplay trailer more puzzle solving instead of a constant zombie slaughter, rising some skepticism about the game. Needless to say Rebellion acknowledge this and released a nice playthough by some of the devs, showing more puzzles and more in between combat moments.

While it doesn't shows new settings compared to the previous gameplay trailer, this new video better represent what player will get when the game releases and what was showed was indeed very intersting.

Strange Brigade will be available in 28th August and it is also already available for preorders on PC Steam, XONE and PS4. Down below you can watch the developer playthrough video. Are you ready for the strange adventure? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!