Sega's kart racing game looks solid but it doesn't dare too much.

We already talked about Team Sonic Racing when the game was leaked and shortly after officially announced, this time around we can finally see the game in action.

In a bit less of 3 minutes, the available gameplay footage shows different characters and familiar game mechanics and look that we can find in Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed, yet the game seems to lack the "transformation" theme and track variations that distinguished the previous game.

The gameplay also looks a bit slow yet it is more than probable that the footage was captured on an easy level of difficulty which, as Transformed and Mario Kart, slows down the general speed of the race.

You can check Team Sonic Racing gameplay video, courtesy of ShackNews, down below and you can also read the known details about the game on our previous article. I hope the game will be a worthy successor to Sonic All-Stars Racing: Transformed, the footage shows a well made but too familiar racing game that risks make this title to be forgotten quickly.