Grinding Gear Games reassures that they are still an independent company.

Hack N'Slash mmorpg Path of Exile distinguished itself from the crowd because not only it was a really good entry in the genre, but it also revived the grim atmosphere of the first two Diablo games, all of this in a very fair F2P monetization model and from a very talented indie team.

With years Grinding Gear Games (GGG) kept updating its creation, making it more and more popular. Eventually the game arrived in China too thanks to the collaboration with the publisher giant Tencent.

While this could be an happy ending, a recent Tencent investment in GGG, leading the publisher to become the major shareholder, is now making all the fans of Path of Exile worrying about the future of the game since now Tencent has control over it.

GGG representatives didn't wait a lot to clarify what will be their and the game future, reassuring the players with a comprehensive FAQ, which we report in this short recap:

  • Grinding Gears Games will still be an independent company;
  • The company will have financial obligations to Tencent although this should have a minimal impact on its work;
  • Path of Exile development road-map will not be changed;
  • Path of Exile monetization will be the same as always outside of China;
  • The Chinese game version will not be prioritized over the international one;
  • The Chinese game version could have features requested by Tencent but not planned and released for the international one;
  • Many publisher tried to acquire GGG but they allowed Tencent because it will assure high level of autonomy in operations and development of their game.

Hopefully GGG FAQ will stay true to its words, bringing some more fun for years to come to their already popular game, in the meanwhile I wish the best for GGG and its fans. If you want to read the full FAQ you can find it at this LINK