The third and final season of Clementine's zombesque adventures is coming soon.

We already know how successful The Walking Dead franchise was: from TV series, to comics to video games, it reached its audience on very different media. Telltale's episodic interactive adventure game take on The Walking Dead started in the now far away 2012 and yet we are still waiting for the third season of the said.

Finally the wait is almost over and, during the current E3, Telltale released a Teaser Trailer, announcing that the third and final season will release in the 14th of August, although we still don't know if it will release as separated chapters as the previous ones or in a complete package.

Even people that have little to no interest in the famous The Walking Dead TV series have enjoyed Telltale's Clementine story, so I bet many are anxious but also sad to experience The Final Season, I leave you with the game Teaser Trailer down below.

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