The Theme Hospital sequel-wannabe is getting some attention and it is now close to release.

If you loved management/building games back in the day you probably loved 1997 Bullfrog developed Theme Hospital, an easy to play but hard to master management game were the player has to take care of an hospital, managing all the finances and necessary improvements, all of this in an extremely silly game with its strange diseases, psychopat doctors and unhappy patients.

After this Bullfrog masterpiece (they made many) we had no other game that matched all the qualities of Theme Hospital, but 21 years later there is still hope...

Published by SEGA and developed by Two Point Studios (founded by formers Bullfrog and Lionhead Studios developers), Two Point Hospital will probaly put an end to the terrible itch Theme Hospital fans are affected from 20 years. As Bullfrog's creation, Two Point Hospital is an hospital management game with cartonish graphics, silly characters and incredible diseases, that look like it could be an actual sequel to the classic game.

Two Point Hospital will be released the 30th of August on Steam and it is now "available for pre-order" at a 10% discounted price of $/€ 31.49 or your regional equivalent. With the opening of pre-orders Two Point Games released a new trailer that you can watch down below.

Back in the day, did you play Theme Hospital or other Bullfrog's classics? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!