After ditching the Standard Edition and increasing all editions prices but the Starter one, UBI made some steps backwards... Rightfully so.

What a time to be a gamer: game prices are getting out of control, quality of the products on launch are often questionable and publishers just keep digging, trying to make retail products even worst than any F2P games, making progression based on the gamble of drops.

After EA with the latest Need For Speed chapter and Star Was Battlefront 2, UBI jumped straight on the bandwagon of lootcrates and heavy grinding with Rainbow Six: Siege.

Their plan was to ditch the Standard Edition of Siege starting of February 13th, which offers reduced in game currency prices for all classic Operators, and swap it with the Advanced Edition which is pretty much the same but it offers RS credits and 10 Outbreaks Packs (lootcrates in a nutshell) at a increased price of 60$/€ instead of 40$/€. The same 20$/€ price increase was planed also for the Gold and Advanced editions, bringing them to 90$/€ and 120$/€ respectively. Here it is the table published with the UbiSoft announcement.


As expected current and future players altogether raised their pitchforks on Reddit, especially because of the ditching of the popular Standard edition, making UbiSoft backpedaling in less than a couple of days from the announcement and keeping all current prices but also the new Outbreak lootboxes... Of course the new lootboxes will stay, what did you expect?

I'm sure UBI will try a similar move in the future, but I'm still puzzled on why they tried something so stupid for a fast money grab in the short term, since this could have killed player population, instead of keeping the game alive and having a constant flux of cash. Well now they have lootboxes to ruin their decent game.