The Dota 2 Trading Card Game will be with us before Christmas.

Many says that Steam's success is to blame for Valve not releasing any new game, especially the long missing Half Life 3, yet Gabe Newell's company is still working on new game projects.

Valve's last release was 2013 MOBA DOTA 2, follow up to the famous DOTA map/mod for WarCraft III, which as expected was a good success. While DOTA 2 is still very popular and getting huge updates to this day, Valve's interest moved to another very popular game genre: Trading Card Games or TCG.

Artifact is the result of this new interest and as expected it is a TCG that, no surprises here, is set in the DOTA 2 universe and it brings the famous three lane field to a card game format. Compared to other successful TCG, Artifact will not be a Free 2 Play game but Valve will sell decks and booster cards packs.

Artifact will be out in "November 28 on Steam" for Windows, Linux Distros and Mac OS, with a planned 2019 release on Android and iOS devices. Current known pricing are $/€20 for two 54 cards pre-built decks, plus 10 booster packs with 12 cards each, while single booster packs will be sold for $/€2 each.

What do you expect from Valve's new game? Are you gonna try it? Let us know with a comment down below or on socials!