After some time in Steam EA, the intergalactic Action RPG is now fully released.

Warhammer 40K games are not a new thing, yet recently we have seen different titles of very different genres, this time is the turn of Inquisitor - Martyr, a diablo-like RPG.

Developed by NeocoreGames, known for the more than decent Van Helsing ARPG series, W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr brings the player around a procedurally generated universe, picking up both random and story missions, all also playable in coop.

NeocoreGames says that this game is "the next milestone in the evolution of ARPGs": personally I can't say how true this is but the game boast a persistent open-world sandbox universe, destructible enviroments, community influenced storyline [we will see...] and a cover system similar to third person shooters one.

The developer also promises to support the game for a long time, with constant new expansions and free content updates that will keep players occupied for a long time. NeocoreGames is actually known for sloppy game launches (steam reviews are currently not great due to server hiccups) but great after release support, hopefully it will be no different with Inquisitor.

W40K Inquisitor - Martyr is now available for PC on Steam at a 10% discounted launch price of €44,99 or your regional equivalent, down below you can watch the Feature Trailer showing all the notable features of the game.

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