New 1.11.3 release is now available to the public and brings major performance improvements, bugfixes and better online functionalities.

This will be quick: CEMU, the WiiU emulator that came out from nowhere, has been updated and it now emulates WiiU PowerPC CPU as a multi-thread software instead to emulate it as a single thread one, which means that each WiiU CPU core now runs as separated threads making better use of our PCs multi-core CPUs.

All of this doesn't mean much for most but stay with me when I say that this version brings major performance improvements and that this kind of emulation is no easy task for a developer. CEMU is still pretty much in heavy development so do not expect that everything will run flawlessy without glitches or performance issues but this update is a big news in the emulation world and makes some of the games, that were kinda playable, running smooth in an almost perfect emulation state... If your PC hardware is up to the task.

If you want more details about CEMU v1.11.3 you can read the detailed CHANGELOG or you can reach the CEMU OFFICIAL WEBSITE to download the new release.

I leave you with a video preview of the improvements made by CEMU team.