Developed by The Farm 51 it promises to be authentic to modern combat scenarios.

It is not a surprise that multiplayer FPS games are very popular nowdays, although very few find their audience, even if they are good products (LawBreakers is a recent example) but maybe this new game will be different enough to stand out.

The Farm 51, a small polish dev house formed by former Painkiller developers and known mostly for indie-ish games like Necrovision and Deadfall: Adventures but also for the good survival horror FPS Get Even, just announced a new multiplayer FPS called World War 3.

It looks like vehicles will be present

Currently we don't have many details about it but what we know from the little press material is that the game is set in a today world conflict, promising an authentic experience thanks to a teamplay oriented gameplay, a robust ballistic system, a global war campaign that changes based of players battles, real world locations, armies and weapons, all of which is obtained with the help of actual military Research & Development consultant.

As said all details about World War 3 are scarce at the moment and we don't have any release date, yet the premise of a global war campaign really tickles the interest of people that wants more that mere "on their own" multiplayer matches.

We will keep you informed as new details come out, in the meanwhile I leave you with the short but in-engine made World War 3 Teaser Trailer. Let us know what do you think about it with a comment!